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Precision Glass Tint brings to the table over 34 years of experience installing coatings to many different surfaces. This includes glass, metal, stone, curved (cars, glass) using coatings like vinyl, polyester, Mylar and other specialty materials. If you can’t find it, or we don’t have it, we’ll get it.

We thrive on creating new ideas to serve anticipated market needs. We recognize that success hinges on building relationships with our customers. Quality installations ensures years of performance and beauty. Consistent quality is what keeps our customer base of over 1000’s happy and coming back… Quality, cleanliness, safety, honesty and integrity is how we roll.

We have a professional team of creatives ready to create your next step in marketing your business, whether it be signage, car wraps or digital enlargements (posters). Look to Precision Glass Tint for your window film, sign and graphics needs in the Tabernacle, New Jersey area.

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Precision Glass Tint - Residential Window Tinting in Tabernacle, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Utilizing window film in your home can increase the energy efficiency and improve how comfortable a space is by reducing the hot spots and cutting glare. Home window films also can extend the life of your furnishings by nearly eliminating UV passing through the windows. Finally, decorative glass film can be used to add privacy and decorative elements to glass surfaces.

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Precision Glass Tint - Commercial Window Tinting in Tabernacle, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Commercial window films will help control building operating costs, balance building temperatures and reduce the load on the HVAC system. Commercial films can also be used for safety and security of a building, adding privacy, branding and eliminating UV to preserve the furnishings. Best of all, it will do this at a fraction of the cost of new windows.

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Precision Glass Tint - Automotive Window Tinting in Tabernacle, New Jersey


Automotive Window Tinting is often installed to achieve a particular look for the vehicle. However, modern window films do so much more. Not only can window tint improve a vehicles looks, it can significantly reduce interior temperatures, cut distracting glare and protect the vehicle interior and passengers from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Precision Glass Tint - Vehicle Signs and Graphics in Tabernacle, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Signs and Graphics

Signs and graphics can be applied for many reasons. From adding a custom touch or decorative element to providing contact information and branding. However, there are numerous options depending on the application. Our team of experts can help you with specification, design, manufacturing and then expertly install it on the desired surface.

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